Monday, March 14, 2011

"Some Day I'll Take You To Disneyland"

A weird, anti-social dude is attracted to a woman, who is equally weird. She introduces him to a cell of fascist gentlemen, who have quite a plan.They travel across the country, partaking in lurid LSD/Peyote binge. It is then revealed that they - being the cell - plan on destroying Disneyland. They arrive, get loaded, gear up and plan on taking over (The plan was doomed to start). They for the most part get through the main section before authorities come in and battle them. The anti-social dude is shot but nearly escapes. He blows up one of the rides and is captured by the Police.

The story starts as he recalls the moments after the explosion; he wakes up and is in interrogation. He is released on bail and the story is told as a flash back - of sorts. Between the aggressive drug abuse and his generally deranged mind, the story is tainted and you never get the full truth.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Einsatz / Vernichtungsgedanke

The Imperium reclaims a planet through aggression, fascism, and extermination. The story is told between two different perspectives; a small child, who doesn't understand what is happening. His family is taunted, go into hiding, and finally are exterminated, the boy included. The second perspective is a woman, who is an artist. She slides through the underworld, catching the fascism and murder perpetrated by the Imperium via Imperial Guards, dubbed "Red Eyes" for their red goggles. The woman seemingly escapes the violence. The "Red Eyes" and Imperium leave; the people try and gather themselves but they see hundreds of falling stars, which are in fact an orbital bombing. The planet becomes ash, killing everyone. 

Chapter One: VVelcome
Chapter Two: Love VVill Change The VVorld
Chapter Three: Blood & Shadovvs
Chapter Four: All Pigs Must Die
Chapter Five: The Last Kiss
Chapter Six: Fire Shall Come